Estrellita's lessons are very flexible. There are four ways to take lessons: at the student's home, at the teacher's home, online, or in a rental studio. Sometimes the location of the lesson changes: today at the student's home, next time online, etc!

Online lessons allow you to take lessons from anywhere in the world, so you can continue your lessons even when you leave Japan for a long vacation such as summer vacation.

生徒さんのお宅でのレッスン Lessons at students' home



The area where Estrellita's students live (nearest station) is shown. The areas shown are likely to be available for teachers to visit. Please consider this as approximate information. If you live outside the area, please don't hesitate to contact us!

講師宅でのレッスン Lessons at teacher’s home




The nearest station to the teacher's home(or studio) is indicated by a pin. Please note that this is not the actual location.

Red = piano and music theory, blue = violin, purple = clarinet and trumpet